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There are many types of sports in the world, but one of the most popular is football. The game consists of two teams each with eleven players. Each of the players has a role to play starting with the goalkeeper who has the task of not allowing the ball to get into the goal. The other players have the responsibility of scoring goals and defending their team from being scored. The game is enjoyable because a player can use any part of his body except hands or arms. The game takes ninety minutes to end, but the referee has the authority of adding some minutes depending on the time that was lost in each half. Football tickets and endorsement by

Football is played in a rectangular field which must be directly proportional in international and league matches. The balls that are used in football are spherical with a circumference of 27-28 centimeters and a mass of 410-450 grams. There are also ways used to arrange football players in a match. The ones that are mostly used today are 4-4-2, 4-5-1 and 4-3-3. In most cases, coaches make changes in the formation of the game depending on the position of the game.

There are four referees in football with the centre referee possessing the sole authority. There are other two touchline referees who assist the centre referee in making some decisions concerning offsides or when the ball has gone out of the pitch. The fourth referee stays out of the field in between the two teams and he helps in controlling substitutions. In football, a goal is scored when a player kicks the ball and it crosses the goal line. One of the most important rules in football is the one that restricts players from touching the ball with their hands. Free kicks and penalties are given when a player touches the ball with his hands (except the goalkeeper who is supposed to do so within the penalty area).

In conclusion, football is one of the games that have the highest number of fans in the world. There are many football teams that compete for different leagues in the world and each of them tries to be the best by employing the most experienced coaches. Other than employing experienced coaches, football teams aim at signing those players that are on top of their game so that they will help them in winning more games.