Essentials of The Football Pitch

Essentials of The Football Pitch

What exactly makes a perfect football pitch? Will there be any special type of grass that makes the turf so beautiful and unique? Can it be natural or produced? We try to answer many of these questions through this article.

Rules for Turfs

It is interesting to notice that football associations across the globe have rules for the sort of grass to be used during games. It is not that any kind can be used. One of the primary rules is that the pitch must be green. The areas must meet the requirements of the FIFA Top quality Programme for Football Turf.

To put it in simple words, there must be natural grass unless of course permission is granted for something else. It is important to note that preserving natural meadow isn’t easy and will depend on the weather conditions.

Artificial Surfaces

As natural meadow is not so easy to maintain, artificial floors have become the other choice. Desso Grassmaster is the best and widespread hybrid turfs available today. It is a combination of natural grass and artificial fibres. The muscles are injected approximately 20 cm deep and cover only 3% of the whole surface. The roots of the turf intertwine the artificial fibres. Playing comfort and better drainage are some of the features of these surfaces. Stamford Bridge, Older Trafford and Emirates Arena are a couple of the famous stadiums to work with it.

The rubber crumb mixture is constructed of recycled tyres and these pitches are used where it is nearly impossible to grow natural meadow. Damp areas or places that experience too much cold may hinder the growth of lawn.

The fantastic pattern of turfs is another cool thing about this. The surface keepers either cut turf in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Whenever they do this, it may lie using its either matte or glossy side up for different patterns.